OverCAD PDF TO DWG is an application that allows you convert PDF to DWG
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OverCAD PDF TO DWG Converter is a simple and handy application that lets you quickly convert any PDF documents into a CAD-compatible DWG drawing file.
One of the best things about this small utility is that it allows you to batch convert multiple PDF documents at the same time. This can save you quite a lot of precious time, especially since the processing speed of this neat program is also pretty high.

OverCAD PDF TO DWG Converter supports and maintains during the conversion elements like lines, rectangles, ellipses, round rectangles, line segments, bezier segments, image and texts, and many others. Another advantage of this tool is that the conversion is done very quickly, so it won’t make you waste any of your precious time waiting for the output DWG to be generated.

Anyway, though it comes with undeniable advantages, OverCAD PDF TO DWG Converter is exaggeratedly simple, in my opinion. It comes with absolutely no options or settings at all, not even basic ones. It only lets you choose the input files and select the destination folder for the output. There are absolutely no other features and functions. And this is quite surprising for a tool that comes with a rather high price. Anyway, it gets its job done despite its downsides, and this is the most important thing about it.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Very small, neat and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast conversion speed


  • Pricey
  • Too simple and lacking any options or additional features
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